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January 8, 2014

A Well Designed Clickable Link That's all you need.

In continuation to the previous blog, while planning your website design, an important aspect you have to consider is the concept of a "Call to Action" clickable link in your website. This concept will give your website visitors the option to take a successive step to contact you through your business normally to enquire about your products or services.

An effective "˜Call to Action" is a vital part of any website as this feature is not only intended for an e-commerce websites. Every website will have an objective which wants its visitors or users to carry out either by filling a form or browsing further or buying products from the website, as the actions may vary.

This won't occur naturally. While visiting your website, visitors must feel an urge to make another action in order to proceed further. Here, comes the role of a well designed, effective "Call to Action" link. A clearly designed, well intended clickable button will influence your website visitors to take further action. This in turns enhances the conversion rate of visitors to leads.
Have a glimpse to some of our thoughts that may help you accomplish improved results:-
  • Correct positioning or placement of the link/button on the website is very crucial. It should not be put together or adjacent to a graphic or image. The placement should be in a catchy manner.
  • Also the size of the font should be in correct proportion to the dimension of your website.
  • Simplicity is the key factor to attract the users even though there is no standard rule in formatting this Call to Action link. Also you should have a clear idea about your target users while selecting the font.
  • Colour selection can be finalized after considering various factors like age group, profession, interest, etc. of target users. Also the colour of the link should not get merged with the website background.
  • Applying catchy words are yet another way to initiate users. Brisk and subtle words like quick connect, call us, next, read more, etc. are some of the dynamic words that may use.
  • The option of providing the link in the sub-pages other than the home page is yet another effective manner. While moving through the sub-pages the user may be interested to contact you and there itself he must have the option to do so.
Additional factors like:
  • A Call to Action can be prompted through a link, an advertisement or something that offers value to your visitors.
  • Whatever may be the manner of this link, it should direct to a form from where the visitors can submit their information to you.
  • While a user decides for a Call to Action, he /she must know what they will benefit from that particular website as the details should be clearly explained.
  • Sometimes you may have to encourage your visitors to initiate this Call to Action. Like the link saying "Find out more information or Learn more", so that they may be tempted to contact you to learn more about your services or products.
While concluding this blog, once again we remind you that an effective "Call to Action" is the key player of any productive website. This can be attained by using the up-to-date techniques, best creativity and designs that are currently in use. Here our design and development experts are always in contact for you to launch your productive website.