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January 24, 2014

The Latest & New Trend in Web Design

Responsive Web Design, even though the term seems highly technical to the common readers, it's actually a web design practice defined to give the end-users an identical visual treat or browsing experience over a wide range of screen dimensions from Desktops to Smart phones. On the other hand, this technique also facilitates the web developers to create coding only for one HTML template and that it serves to the screens of Desktops, Laptops, I-pads, Tablets, Mobiles, etc. Here the responsive layout itself gets adjusted to the different screen resolutions offering an immense experience to the user.

In the current scenario, the ratio of Smart phone users is increasing rapidly comparing to desktop users. So a mobile friendly responsive web design is very essential or highly recommended for your business website while considering the SEO factor.
As one of the widely used search engines, Google recommends responsive web design since this design enables many advantages to the website owners as well as Google crawlers. According to Google, by using responsive design, the same URL will serve all the devices with the same HTML just using the CSS to adjust with the various page sizes. Also the same URL supports Google's algorithms to assign the indexing properties of the content in a more convenient manner.
Other advantages include:
  • Responsive Web Design makes the website more user friendly facilitating the users to share or link the content with the same URL whether it's shared with a mobile user or an I-pad user.
  • Another advantage is that it takes only minimal loading time to get optimized for whatever device the site is being viewed.
  • By using a responsive design, you can consolidate analytics and reporting activity of your website. I.e., there is no need to bother about tedious tracking of user conversions and re-directions from one device to another.
  • This also saves both your time and money from developing multi device focused web sites.
  • Since re-directions are not required, this increases your business conversion rates and sales with a better user experience and updated content.
After reading this, don't get depressed since your website isn't responsive. Earlier the better get your website designed with this new updated technique. So that you can also be a part of future with this updated technology for your own website.